Hello. My name is Andy. I make maps.

For whom?
My company is Axis Maps. We are four cartographers who create interactive web maps, from data to design to code.

I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts and enjoy mapping all kinds of Boston stuff. Before that was Madison, Wisconsin. Natively, home is in the Dayton, Ohio area.

What else?

See some projects I've worked on below, and let's talk maps together sometime, friend!
Drop me a line at andy@axismaps.com.

Flowing terrain maps

More experiments in canvas-based terrain mapping, finding and animating hypothetical drainage.

Eruptions, Earthquakes, & Emissions

An animated map of 250K earthquakes and volcanic eruptions since 1960, for the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

Sketchy relief maps

An attempt at hachure maps went off the rails but ended up being kind of pretty.

Beyond the Sea

What's really across the ocean when you look straight out? Coastlines turn, and the world is round.

Daylight Saving Time maps

Interactive exploration of how Daylight Saving Time and time zones affect sunrise and sunset.

"We Are One" touchscreen maps

Touchscreen browsers for an exhibition of historic maps at the Boston Public Library.

Napa Valley Vintners Map

Napa Valley Vintners Map

Explore Napa Valley Wineries and build a trip itinerary.

Geography of Jobs

Geography of Jobs

Animated map of 15 years of job gains and losses.

NBA shot charts

Interactive NBA charts

Interactive charts for Kirk Goldsberry's Grantland article on top NBA shooters and scorers.

Jamaican Slave Revolt

Jamaican Slave Revolt Map

Animated interactive map of the slave rebellion in Jamaica of 1760–1761.

MBTA bus speed map

MBTA bus speed maps

Bus locations and speeds in the Boston area over time: live maps and 24 hour composites.

Crowdsourced neighborhood boundaries

Crowdsourced neighborhoods

Collecting and analyzing opinions on neighborhood boundaries in the Boston area.
More and Even more



Cynthia Brewer's work on color schemes for maps. We at Axis Maps built and maintain the current version of the tool.

typographic maps

Typographic maps

Detailed city maps made entirely of type. I'll probably never have a better idea than this. We sell posters!



Dashboard for exploring, comparing, and visualizing various California health estimates.

Gas Leaks Map

Natural Gas Leaks Map

An interactive site explaining and highlighting natural gas infrastructure problems in Massachusetts.

Illinois Public Health Community Map

Illinois Public Health Map

Interactive map of Illinois public health data.

ClimateCommons map

Climate Commons

Aggregates news stories related to climate change in the US, alongside some pertinent geographic data.

Global Commodities Prices

Global Commodity Prices

A visualization of prices for 400 commodities across 245 different markets and some 1000 years of history.

Hubway trip explorer

Hubway Trip Explorer

View trip patterns to and from stations in Boston's Hubway bicycle-sharing program based on a variety of filters.

Why Not The Best?

"Why Not The Best?" Map

Interactive map showig quality-of-health-care data across various measures and scales in the US.


Boston Globe Features

Five map features I've done for the wonderful Ideas section of the Boston Sunday Globe.

Boston's summer colors

Boston's Summer Colors

Dominant hues of some 50,000 geotagged photos in the central Boston area during summer months.

nyt sept 11 map

NY Times September 11 Map

User-shared memories of 9/11. Map is defunct now, but hey, gotta show off my one NYT collaboration!

MAPC basemap

MAPC basemap

A general-purpose Massachusetts basemap for a regional planning agency.

Hubway trip explorer

Hubway Snapshots

A few infographics to pluck out some interesting bits of information from the Hubway bike-share data.



Web-based thematic cartography application.

Boston Squared

Boston Squared

A celebration of the unique shapes of Boston's so-called "squares."

Ohio is a Piano

Ohio is a Piano

88 counties, 88 keys on a standard piano. Data becomes music!

2008 election map

2008 election map

My first experiment with what we later called a "value-by-alpha" map, as an alternative to election cartograms.

Lakeshore Nature Preserve

Lakeshore Nature Preserve Map

Interactive exploratory map of natural areas on UW-Madison's campus.

UW Online Campus Map

UW Online Campus Map

A prior version of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's web map. It's gone now, but I totally worked on it.

Cincinnati Roads

Cincinnati Roads

From the days before Google Maps: an interactive map viewer for dash-cam videos of Cincinnati streets.

Cincinnati Subway

Cincinnati Subway

A cartographic overview of the abandoned Cincinnati subway project of the 1920s.


Molokai shaded relief

Fun with shaded relief in Photoshop, based on Tom Patterson's old tutorials.