Nerd alert

Busy busy busy. Big things in the works. Also presently homeless. Meanwhile, just to break the silence, here is a map of all the US counties I have been to.
US counties
Relevant points:

  • I’ve got 1,105 out of 3,141. I’m thinking about picking up three more in Pennsylvania tomorrow.
  • It counts if I was on the ground, either on foot or in a terrestrial vehicle.
  • Even so, airport layovers are cheap, but I don’t lose sleep because I only have one or two that are only airport layovers.
  • I said been to, not any subjective word like visited. So shut up; it presents facts.
  • Besides, a big part of visiting a place for me (as one who appreciates geography) is simply looking around at the landscape anyway, so I would count drive-throughs as visits regardless.

This was created at If you are nerd enough and have a freakish memory of the exact routes you’ve traveled in your life, give it a go!

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