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Things I hope you want: this year’s typographic maps

Permit me one avaricious advertisement of a blog post this holiday season. We at Axis Maps have several new typographic city maps that have come out since the summer, and, well, we think they make super gifts. Here are the ones I haven’t mentioned on the blog before. Chicago letterpress: Two-color prints of the downtown […]

More typographic city maps: Washington DC and New York

(This is pretty much cross-posted from the Axis Maps blog.) Just a quick promotional note in case I still have a remaining shred of dignity: a couple of weeks ago the fellas and I at Axis Maps launched a new store with two new typographic city maps. The Washington, DC map depicts most of the […]

Typographic maps of Boston and Chicago

Well. There’s nothing like a 20-month side project. We at Axis Maps are presenting a couple of typographic maps—that is, maps made entirely of typography—that we’ve slowly been working on for a while. One is a map of the central Boston area, and the other (other two, actually) is a map of central Chicago. Let […]

Typographic maps II

Time for a follow-up on a my short post about typographic maps nearly a year and a half ago. Maps made up of type are, as the kids say, the bee’s knees. As typography- and map-based designs are rather popular in general, more of these typography maps crop up every so often. Here’s another short […]

Typographic maps

Recently I was asked if I could whip up a small flier announcing the UW-Madison Department of Geography’s traditional party thrown on one night during the Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting (held last month in Boston). I came up with the image at right: a map made entirely of type. It was a hit […]