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Apart from being dead, Art and Science are strong in web cartography.

The other day Tim Wallace provoked a bit of Twitter conversation about the role of art in web cartography by way of a snarky, pessimistic Venn diagram on the subject; and having been forced into spelling out some of his thoughts in more detail, he has solicited some of us other nerds to write our […]

City ≠ city

City ≠ city. Place ≠ place. You know when you’re two thousand miles from home and somebody asks where you’re from and you just name the nearby major city even though you actually live in an adjacent suburb, because who the hell would know where that suburb is? I wish we’d think of cities that […]

I hate your favorite election map

I am not by nature an angry person—in fact my friends at times find me irritatingly even-tempered—nor am I known to truly hate anything, but provocative titles have their place, right? We’ve once again arrived at that special time of (every fourth) year when the internet abounds with maps, charts, and other graphics attempting to […]