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This rock totally looks like a map

You know you’re a map geek when you’re at Red Rock Canyon outside Las Vegas, walking across ground that is covered with thousands of stones, and what catches your eye is a single little rock that totally sorta looks like a map of Ohio. (At the time you’re also wearing a t-shirt with a map […]


In spite of everything that maps can do, the ones I enjoy most are the simplest of all, those that reveal geography by stripping away all but some particular phenomenon and showing little or nothing more than where it exists. It’s the challenge of interpretation, or the self-satisfaction of recognizing something, or the imagining of […]

The music of geography: Ohio is a piano

Last month, as I was driving through Ohio to collect my final three counties in the state, it dawned on me: There are 88 counties in this state. There are 88 keys on a piano. I don’t know anything about music, but holy crap, I have to make a map based on this coincidence. And […]