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The election at night

We’re working on putting together a few election maps and and graphs at Axis Maps, and above is one that we’ve come up with so far. It’s a standard red-blue map indicating the winner of each county in the lower 48 states, where the transparency indicates the population of a county. The many counties with […]

I hate your favorite election map

I am not by nature an angry person—in fact my friends at times find me irritatingly even-tempered—nor am I known to truly hate anything, but provocative titles have their place, right? We’ve once again arrived at that special time of (every fourth) year when the internet abounds with maps, charts, and other graphics attempting to […]

Mapping tag clouds

Over on the Axis Maps blog I’ve written up a side project I began several months ago but never got very far on: mapping the geography of presidential campaign speeches. It’s still an interesting idea, but my colleagues and I didn’t have the time to fully develop it, so you’ll have to settle for some […]

Composite election maps

Since election season is nearly upon us again, I was reminded of a brief distraction of mine in 2006, namely the above map. It’s a composite map of Democrat vs. Republican election results in four races in Ohio, ostensibly giving an idea of how “Republican” or “Democrat” an area is. The process was, quite simply, […]