So I made a website about Boston

Boy, it’s been quiet around here. Haven’t had much to say lately. Nothing that hasn’t been already been well covered by the rest of the internet, anyway.

Boston map

Meanwhile, though, I’ve started another blogging venture. You may have noticed a fair number of Boston-themed posts here over the past year or two. I’ve become very interested in the unique geography of this place and maps thereof. In part to remove the local-interest clutter from this blog, the topic seemed like it could sustain its own site. With the partnership of UW-Madison Geography PhD candidate Tim Wallace (Boston-area native), I have established the mappish, graphic-ish, geography-ish site Bostonography.

Bostonography. Enjoy or ignore it as you please! Actual content coming soon. Bear with us as figure out the best way to trick out the default WordPress theme. (Not that it isn’t a nice theme!)