Things I hope you want: this year’s typographic maps

Permit me one avaricious advertisement of a blog post this holiday season. We at Axis Maps have several new typographic city maps that have come out since the summer, and, well, we think they make super gifts. Here are the ones I haven’t mentioned on the blog before.

Chicago letterpress: Two-color prints of the downtown area, with a light blue background on the lake and rivers and either blue or black ink for the text. An addition from the poster prints is the inclusion of the ‘L’ transit lines.
Chicago letterpress map

San Francisco letterpress (2nd edition): In either blue or black ink, this one features a waterline effect around the city.
San Francisco letterpress map

Manhattan letterpress: Two sections, upper and lower Manhattan. Available individually or as a set; with careful cutting you could splice them together and everything will properly line up.
Manhatttan letterpress map

Madison, Wisconsin: The old Axis Maps stomping grounds and home of our graduate institution, the University of Wisconsin. This one is a regular offset print and covers the isthmus and university areas.
Madison typographic map

Besides those we’ve got our old standard posters: Washington DC, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston.

So there it is. Get in any orders by this Friday to ensure delivery by Christmas!

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  1. I got the blue SF map as a b-day gift the other day. Gorgeous. Thanks for making them!

    19 December 2011 @ 12:29pm