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Don’t make me search!

(Update, June 19: How ’bout that? Google has just added a feature that is almost exactly what I was wishing for in this post. Read about it at the Google LatLong blog. At least I got this post out just before that was added, so I don’t look entirely like a fool.) There’s a lot […]

GeoCommons Maker! Awesome or super awesome?

After a summer of long hours and occasional vagarancy, I’m happy to report that GeoCommons Maker! has launched today.  FortiusOne’s CEO Sean Gorman nicely sums up what Maker (I’m going to go ahead and drop the exclamation point henceforth) is all about: Data that was once the sole providence of GIS professionals can now be […]

Map panning and zooming methods

Following last week’s post on losing context with interactive maps, I wanted to consider the different methods of navigating an interactive map (i.e., panning and zooming) and how they might affect that issue, and while I’m at it look at other aspects of these methods, too. A great place to start is the 2005 paper […]