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A subterranean bird’s-eye view

I’m rather late to this party, but it’s worth another mention. A while ago Vanshnookenraggen (a.k.a. Andrew Lynch) heroically pored over materials in the Massachusetts State Transportation Library and posted a bunch of images of old Boston transit maps to a Flickr set. (He’s got the future covered too with FutureMBTA, an excellent round-up of […]

Magazine cover subway map awesome

Still being enamored of subway maps, and either out of convenience or some sort of local bias that of the Boston system in particular (see for instance my pipe cleaner map or the “Tea Stop” menu), I nearly wet myself when I saw this magazine cover on newsstands. The cover for Boston magazine’s annual Best […]

Next stop deliciousness. Doors will open on both sides.

Forgive the crummy phone picture. Having been on a subway map kick for a while, and having yesterday fallen victim to an odd smoothie craving, it seemed right to snap this picture and post it here. This is the window of Boston Tea Stop in Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It’s wordplay, see? You know […]

Pipe cleaner subway map

Speaking of metro maps, and in the continued absence of any interesting work to share, permit me this moment to mention a map I recently constructed as a gift: a map of the Boston subway system made of pipe cleaners, to be hung from a ceiling or wall. (Pardon all the obvious wire holding it […]

Current diversions: metro maps and self maps

Two ongoing things are keeping me entertained in my spare time these days. AUTOMATED METRO MAP GENERATION Metro or subway maps are cool. They’re simple, effective topological diagrams showing you how to get from Point A to Point B in the system. And, I might add, they make great symbols of the cities whose metro […]