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A personal map of 2010

A number of year-end retrospective blog posts in map-related fields have appeared in the last week or so, and it’s been interesting to take stock of all the excellent work people did during 2010. I of course didn’t do anything worth mentioning; I just went places and mapped it all. Like I did last year, […]

Mapping a whole darn year

In the past I have mentioned here an ongoing project to trace my every movement on a map, using memory and mouse-clicking rather than technology that costs money. Well, the advent of 2010 marks a full calendar year of doing this and a good moment to show some results. Obviously this is not a novel […]

The music of geography: Ohio is a piano

Last month, as I was driving through Ohio to collect my final three counties in the state, it dawned on me: There are 88 counties in this state. There are 88 keys on a piano. I don’t know anything about music, but holy crap, I have to make a map based on this coincidence. And […]

The year to date

Just for kicks, here’s everywhere I have been in my local area since the first of the year. Yeah, I know every nerd with a GPS receiver records their tracks around town, but I outnerd them by breaking it down by mode of transportation (and by doing it without GPS). All movements, all modes of […]

Pipe cleaner subway map

Speaking of metro maps, and in the continued absence of any interesting work to share, permit me this moment to mention a map I recently constructed as a gift: a map of the Boston subway system made of pipe cleaners, to be hung from a ceiling or wall. (Pardon all the obvious wire holding it […]

Current diversions: metro maps and self maps

Two ongoing things are keeping me entertained in my spare time these days. AUTOMATED METRO MAP GENERATION Metro or subway maps are cool. They’re simple, effective topological diagrams showing you how to get from Point A to Point B in the system. And, I might add, they make great symbols of the cities whose metro […]