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A subterranean bird’s-eye view

I’m rather late to this party, but it’s worth another mention. A while ago Vanshnookenraggen (a.k.a. Andrew Lynch) heroically pored over materials in the Massachusetts State Transportation Library and posted a bunch of images of old Boston transit maps to a Flickr set. (He’s got the future covered too with FutureMBTA, an excellent round-up of […]

Next stop deliciousness. Doors will open on both sides.

Forgive the crummy phone picture. Having been on a subway map kick for a while, and having yesterday fallen victim to an odd smoothie craving, it seemed right to snap this picture and post it here. This is the window of Boston Tea Stop in Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It’s wordplay, see? You know […]


I’m catching up on some of the reading I meant to do a couple of years ago, when I was a geography/cartography student, beginning with the original intersection of urban geography, planning, and mental maps: Kevin Lynch’s The Image of the City (1960). The subject of the book aside, something cool here is what’s going […]

Maps make the best logos

I don’t technically have any authority on the subject of logo design, but that won’t stop me from declaring that maps always—always—are the correct choice for logo designs. So while I attempt to cook up some more interesting projects to post here over the holidays, I leave you with this, my favorite logo lately: That’s […]

Squeezing San Francisco

Here’s an interesting map I picked up in San Francisco last year. (Forgive the poor-ish quality. I laid it on the floor and took a photo of it.) It took a while to realize this, having referred mostly to the downtown area in which I was staying and because the shape doesn’t look too unusual […]