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Indiemapper is here

Two weeks ago our five-man team/jug band at Axis Maps finally launched indiemapper, the fabulous web-based thematic mapping application. Born more than two years ago, it’s come a long way. Have a gander at Zachary Johnson’s blog for the story of how it came to be and how it was made. (And yes, the “indiemapper” […]

Obligatory Valentine’s Day map

Even while under the knife as we do some final development work, indiemapper sends its love. Remember, the sweetest sentiment today and forever is:

Accidental map projections II

By accidental I of course mean deliberate. Same deal as before. Tweak a map projection formula a bit, and the results can be interesting. Made with indiemapper. We’ll probably return the map projection code to normal before it’s released.

Indiemapper’s warm glowing warming glow

This is just a nudge in the direction of the indiemapper blog, where you can find out what the above image is all about. Even if you don’t care about the data we’re mapping there, I hope you’ll agree that our trusty Mark Harrower has designed a pretty nice look for it!


At Axis Maps, in our march toward indiemapper, we have made indieprojector, a tool for creating projected maps of your geographic data and exporting them to vector graphics for further design work. Part useful tool and part demo of indiemapper functionality, indieprojector fulfills one of the cartographer’s most basic requirements. In my experience trying to […]