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I take my work slightly more seriously these days. Slightly.

Title: GIS Class Assignment Artist: Andy (not pictured), age 24

Obligatory Valentine’s Day map

Even while under the knife as we do some final development work, indiemapper sends its love. Remember, the sweetest sentiment today and forever is:

Madbridge, Wiscachusetts and Portland, Mainegon

For the next effort from the cartographic sandbox in which I’ve been playing lately, let’s try something ridiculous again. Your typical map, particularly the modern online mashup, exists to show various data that share a common geography. For a change of pace, what about different geographies that share common data? To claim to have actually […]

The music of geography: Ohio is a piano

Last month, as I was driving through Ohio to collect my final three counties in the state, it dawned on me: There are 88 counties in this state. There are 88 keys on a piano. I don’t know anything about music, but holy crap, I have to make a map based on this coincidence. And […]


I’ve done maps as logos, maps as pipe cleaner art, and now this, which was a good gift from my sister: It’s a globe! That dispenses booze! It’s perfect storage for carto-fuel for those late-night side projects. I wish we’d had this in the office back in grad school; we’d at least have looked a […]

Nerd alert

Busy busy busy. Big things in the works. Also presently homeless. Meanwhile, just to break the silence, here is a map of all the US counties I have been to. Relevant points: I’ve got 1,105 out of 3,141. I’m thinking about picking up three more in Pennsylvania tomorrow. It counts if I was on the […]