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Mapping Flickr colors again. Better late than never.

About two years ago I picked up small side project that involved messing with geotagged Flickr photos to generate maps of the photographed colors of a landscape, and I liked the idea so much that I vowed to keep it up. So I did. With a short two year break in the middle. I came […]

Skyline maps

City skylines are one of my favorite types of scenic view. When planning to visit a new city, or even when looking to take some photos of a familiar city, I like to do some online scouting of good spots for a skyline view. I can recall several years ago browsing Google Earth, panning around […]

Flickr as a paintbrush

What color is Harvard? Don’t say something like “white,” smartass. But don’t say “crimson” just yet, either. This being a blog about maps, I of course mean Harvard not as a school but as a geographic entity. What color is the landscape, physical and cultural? When people look around at whatever interests them, what colors […]