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Mapping Flickr colors again. Better late than never.

About two years ago I picked up small side project that involved messing with geotagged Flickr photos to generate maps of the photographed colors of a landscape, and I liked the idea so much that I vowed to keep it up. So I did. With a short two year break in the middle. I came […]

Revenge of the Valentine’s Day map

A year ago I fired off a quick post with a world map in the Werner projection, which of course we all know is heart-shaped and the ultimate expression of love. In the hopes of establishing a stupid annual tradition, I wanted to do another map this year, and after concluding that simply projecting or […]

A personal map of 2010

A number of year-end retrospective blog posts in map-related fields have appeared in the last week or so, and it’s been interesting to take stock of all the excellent work people did during 2010. I of course didn’t do anything worth mentioning; I just went places and mapped it all. Like I did last year, […]

So I made a website about Boston

Boy, it’s been quiet around here. Haven’t had much to say lately. Nothing that hasn’t been already been well covered by the rest of the internet, anyway. Meanwhile, though, I’ve started another blogging venture. You may have noticed a fair number of Boston-themed posts here over the past year or two. I’ve become very interested […]

Typographic maps of Boston and Chicago

Well. There’s nothing like a 20-month side project. We at Axis Maps are presenting a couple of typographic maps—that is, maps made entirely of typography—that we’ve slowly been working on for a while. One is a map of the central Boston area, and the other (other two, actually) is a map of central Chicago. Let […]

Zombie psychogeography

I’m very weary of the hipster obsession with zombies by now. Cut it out, hipsters. So I felt shame the other night as my friend and I sprinted through the dark along treacherously uneven brick sidewalks, running from zombies and loving it. Not real zombies, or even hipsters—we were responding to an awesome app for […]