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Shaded relief in AS3

Did you know that basic relief shading is fairly simple to accomplish? I didn’t until a few days ago when I was flipping through the Slocum et al. cartography textbook, Thematic Cartography and Geographic Visualization, wherein a four-step process is presented. It sounded easy, so it was time for further adventures in raster-based cartography in […]

Shapefile code now loads DBF too

For the benefit of anyone following along via RSS, just a quick note to say that I have updated the AS3 shapefile loading and drawing helper classes from last week to include basic loading of attributes from a DBF file, again using Edwin van Rijkom’s libraries. I hope it helps a bit more for anyone […]

Simple shapefile drawing in ActionScript 3

Recently I’ve heard two friends independently inquire about some sort of basic guide for loading and drawing a shapefile in Flash. The only real tutorial/example I can recall is here, dealing with Google Maps. But these guys are looking for something more bare-bones. Being a regular user of Edwin van Rijkom‘s invaluable code libraries for […]

ActionScript curves update

I finally opened my CubicBezier AS3 class, the only reason anyone ever finds this site at all, for the first time in many months to attempt to address some of the various comments and reported problems from the original. It’s not perfected, but I’ve done three things: Added a “moveTo” argument to the curveThroughPoints method, […]

Simple map panning and zooming with ActionScript

A while ago I wrote a summary of basic map panning and zooming methods along with demonstrations of most of them. There were a few requests for code examples for those demos, so (finally) I thought I’d outline some of the simple methods for doing it in Flash/ActionScript. I’ve put together two AS files: A […]

Raster map projection with ActionScript 3

This is probably a stupid idea, but that’s never stopped me before. Lately some of my Flash mapping colleagues and I have come to rely on transforming geographic data—say, shapefiles—into various map projections on the client side via the ActionScript vector drawing methods. (See, for example, a post by my friend Zachary Johnson with an […]