River transit-style maps

Daniel Huffman, whom you already knew from the map critique blog Cartastrophe, got a lot of press recently for his excellent Twitter profanity map. This is the beginning of him increasingly revealing to the world what those of us with the fortune to know him offline have known for a while: he makes lots of awesome maps.

His latest project is a series of maps of river systems done in a Beck-ish transit map style, a highly appropriate and even somewhat useful design for what are, after all, linear networks. He began with the whole Mississippi River system and is expanding into smaller regional maps, having completed Michigan, Southern New England, and Northern California so far. The results are attractive and for sale to satisfy our bare walls.

Mississippi River system map by Daniel Huffman

Mississippi River system map (detail) by Daniel Huffman

Meanwhile, Daniel has also started a map design blog, where among other things you can read about the design details and process behind these cartogram-like river maps.

One last link: now that his Twitter map is out there, he’s actually been persuaded to join Twitter (@pinakographos), if you need another map person to follow (and you know you do).

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