NACIS Student Web Mapping Competition: October 1 deadline

NACIS logo

Are you a student who has made an interactive or animated map ? Do you like fame and money? If yes, consider submitting your map to the 2010 NACIS Student Web Mapping Competition. The winner of each category (interactive and animated) walks away with a cool $500 prize. The winning maps will be presented in a couple of weeks at the NACIS annual meeting in St. Petersburg, Florida, and usually are featured on the NACIS web site until the next year. I had the honor of winning this prize a few years ago, but like a fool I blew all the money on sandwiches for my friends.

These were supposed to be due about a week ago, but the deadline has now been extended to October 1. (That is official, although the website may not reflect the update.) So students, hurry and send in your best! It’s a good place to have your work recognized, and we all like to look at cool maps. Check the NACIS site for details on who and what is eligible and how to submit your entry.

NACIS (the North American Cartographic Information Society) is a professional/academic association of cartographers, and it comes highly recommended as a community of people whose careers and studies are dedicated to maps. If you might call yourself a cartographer, consider joining NACIS and attending the annual meeting sometime.



  1. Or join if you’re interested in the fact that, as Andy has noted in the past, NACIS doubles as a drinking society.

    I will second his high recommendation — it’s a great time among fun, friendly folks filled with fascinating ideas.

    26 September 2010 @ 1:53pm

  2. When I referred to NACIS as a drinking society, word filtered back to me that it’s not the reputation they’re looking to have. Inconceivable!

    Andy Woodruff
    27 September 2010 @ 5:57pm