Calling all tutorials

Hello, internet.

Are you doing mapping work with marvelous newfangled technology? Cartographic Perspectives (CP), the journal of NACIS, wants you! I am seeking how-to articles for a new regular section called On the Horizon, wherein cartographers can learn from one another about a variety innovative, new, or just plain useful implementations of current mapping technologies.

You’ve probably noticed that it’s hard to keep up with latest and greatest ways to do things like web and mobile mapping, even if that’s your line of work. Self-contained tutorials and examples of solid cartography with new technologies can be scattered and hard to track down, and everything looks intimidating to a non-developer. Let’s help CP establish a reliable, cartography-oriented repository of useful and accessible tutorial articles.

The scope is fairly wide here. It needn’t be something on the bleeding edge. Recent issues have contained tutorials on choropleth mapping with Google Maps, event animation with Google Maps, programming panning and zooming in ActionScript, and building mapping apps for the iPhone (if these links don’t work, try copying and pasting the URLs). There’s a big world out there of code libraries, techniques, and so on; if you can contribute your expertise in any of this to the cartography community, please do!

Any students out there? This is a good way to help get your name out there among a great community of cartography people. CP and NACIS represent a good mix of academic and practicing map peopleā€”a group that any cartography student will enjoy and benefit from knowing. Non-students, get in on this too! You can learn from CP, and we can all learn from you.

If you have something to submit or are interested in writing something, or if you have questions, I’d love to hear from you. Find me at, in a comment here, by beating down my door, or however you wish. Let’s keep this digital cartography party going.

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  1. Thats a great idea! Thanks.

    Now, the links to previous tutorials on the post seem to be down.

    Javier de la Torre
    2 August 2011 @ 10:32am

  2. That’s odd, thanks for pointing it out. It seems that direct links don’t work for some reason, but if you paste the URL into the address bar (or click the link, click in the address bar and press enter), it will load.

    Andy Woodruff
    2 August 2011 @ 10:38am

  3. Downloading the chloropleth tutorial right now, looks great! But, are there HTML versions of Cartographic Perspectives articles? It seems odd/old to have them only available as PDF.

    3 August 2011 @ 8:40am

  4. The journal is transitioning to having HTML articles. Most of the issues (to include Peterson’s choropleth article) are in print and the PDFs are of the print layouts. The most recent issues were only distributed as PDFs but were designed and laid out as though for print. More accessibility coming soon, as I understand it!

    Andy Woodruff
    3 August 2011 @ 9:19am

  5. Cool, because I think these kinds of articles would be very popular if made available on the web, non-PDF. Good luck!

    3 August 2011 @ 9:34am