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More typographic city maps: Washington DC and New York

(This is pretty much cross-posted from the Axis Maps blog.) Just a quick promotional note in case I still have a remaining shred of dignity: a couple of weeks ago the fellas and I at Axis Maps launched a new store with two new typographic city maps. The Washington, DC map depicts most of the […]

Apart from being dead, Art and Science are strong in web cartography.

The other day Tim Wallace provoked a bit of Twitter conversation about the role of art in web cartography by way of a snarky, pessimistic Venn diagram on the subject; and having been forced into spelling out some of his thoughts in more detail, he has solicited some of us other nerds to write our […]

I take my work slightly more seriously these days. Slightly.

Title: GIS Class Assignment Artist: Andy (not pictured), age 24