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River transit-style maps

Daniel Huffman, whom you already knew from the map critique blog Cartastrophe, got a lot of press recently for his excellent Twitter profanity map. This is the beginning of him increasingly revealing to the world what those of us with the fortune to know him offline have known for a while: he makes lots of […]

Travel poster maps

I was thumbing through the Boston Public Library’s Flickr photos the other day and revisited their set of old travel posters, some of which had been on display in a nice exhibit at the main library recently. BPL has some 350 of them, and they’re pretty great. I usually leave the sharing of interesting map […]

A legend in its time

Robert Roth—PhD candidate at Penn State, incoming faculty at the UW-Madison Department of Geography, and infamous county collector—recently alerted me to a nice interactive, animated map that he worked on with a couple of his students, Matt Murdock and Nick Maziekas. It’s called BOOMsys and it shows the location and number of IED attacks in […]

A personal map of 2010

A number of year-end retrospective blog posts in map-related fields have appeared in the last week or so, and it’s been interesting to take stock of all the excellent work people did during 2010. I of course didn’t do anything worth mentioning; I just went places and mapped it all. Like I did last year, […]